July 2021 and its hot at the hatchery. As I was exploring this past weekend with the family we noticed a siege of Green Herons learning how to navigate the cypress trees above the alligator pond. The fledglings were so cute to watch and we noticed the parents keeping an eye on them from a distance. While Green Herons are not rare it is unusual to observe them close up. While the green herons make the hatchery their home several other species visit the hatchery annually. Summer brings in the purple martins which nest in the many gourd like boxes hung around the hatchery grounds. The martins are great flyers and spend much of their time darting over the hatchery ponds munching on mosquitos.  In addition to the many bird species, we observed turtles swimming in the ponds, a water snake sunning on a bank, and crayfish hiding in the creek. The hatchery is a great place to visit on these hot summer days with shaded areas for a picnic, walking trail, and a cool creek for the kids to explore. Hope to see you soon and if enjoy the hatchery like we do, please consider volunteering and join our friends group family. 


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