Fall 2021

While visiting the hatchery last week I notice the trees are turning and the maples, cypress, and other hardwoods are showing out. With the temps dipping into the 30s at night it’s a great time to get out and enjoy the cool weather during the day. 

Most of the 2021 hatchery fish have been released in rivers and lakes across the southeast. This year the hatchery raised Sturgeon, Small Mouth Bass, Redhorse Suckers, and Gopher Tortoises to name a few. In addition, biologists at he hatchery are actively involved in endangered fresh water mussel restoration, fisheries science and reproduction. While the hatchery maintains activities year round, the release of the many species raised at the hatchery is very satisfying as they are free to grow in their natural habitat. 

With winter around the corner, we won’t be too concerned as the climate we are in is considered moderate.  Those 30s at night are pretty much the norm until next spring when the hatchery begins a new annual cycle to raise and replenish another generation.  

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