Most years August is the hottest month and 2021 is no exception. With all the water at the hatchery it seems like a great place to cool off and perhaps it is if you are a fish. During these hot days and nights the fish that were hatched in the spring are growing and soon will be on their way to lakes and streams in the southeast region of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. This year the hatchery is raising Striped Bass, Lake sturgeon, Small Mouth Bass, and Sicklefin Redhorse. Close to one million Striped Bass were raised in the ponds until they were small fingerlings and have been released to grow and become those big old whoopers many fisherman seek. The other species will continue to grow and will be released this fall into waters native to those species. So next time you are feeling hot, think about all those fish staying cool at the hatchery. 



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