Spring 2022

Wow, winter flew by for me while the hatchery was busy doing their annual maintenance and getting ready for the warm weather hatchery activities.

One thing I must mention is the hatchery manager Carlos Echevarria retired the end of the year 2021 and assistant manager Haile Macurdy has taken the job and will continue to run the hatchery for the foreseeable future. We will all miss Carlos and wish him well in retirement.   

While the hatchery does their work every day, we at the Friends Group are making plans for the summer too. We will be participating in Earth Day activities in Columbus, have a volunteer work weekend, new member drive, and help out the hatchery as needed. As we do every summer, we will have a kids fishing day in June. We always need Friends and Volunteers year around, please fill out our contact form if you are interested in joining us. 






Fall 2021

While visiting the hatchery last week I notice the trees are turning and the maples, cypress, and other hardwoods are showing out. With the temps dipping into the 30s at night it’s a great time to get out and enjoy the cool weather during the day. 

Most of the 2021 hatchery fish have been released in rivers and lakes across the southeast. This year the hatchery raised Sturgeon, Small Mouth Bass, Redhorse Suckers, and Gopher Tortoises to name a few. In addition, biologists at he hatchery are actively involved in endangered fresh water mussel restoration, fisheries science and reproduction. While the hatchery maintains activities year round, the release of the many species raised at the hatchery is very satisfying as they are free to grow in their natural habitat. 

With winter around the corner, we won’t be too concerned as the climate we are in is considered moderate.  Those 30s at night are pretty much the norm until next spring when the hatchery begins a new annual cycle to raise and replenish another generation.  

Most years August is the hottest month and 2021 is no exception. With all the water at the hatchery it seems like a great place to cool off and perhaps it is if you are a fish. During these hot days and nights the fish that were hatched in the spring are growing and soon will be on their way to lakes and streams in the southeast region of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. This year the hatchery is raising Striped Bass, Lake sturgeon, Small Mouth Bass, and Sicklefin Redhorse. Close to one million Striped Bass were raised in the ponds until they were small fingerlings and have been released to grow and become those big old whoopers many fisherman seek. The other species will continue to grow and will be released this fall into waters native to those species. So next time you are feeling hot, think about all those fish staying cool at the hatchery. 



July 2021 and its hot at the hatchery. As I was exploring this past weekend with the family we noticed a siege of Green Herons learning how to navigate the cypress trees above the alligator pond. The fledglings were so cute to watch and we noticed the parents keeping an eye on them from a distance. While Green Herons are not rare it is unusual to observe them close up. While the green herons make the hatchery their home several other species visit the hatchery annually. Summer brings in the purple martins which nest in the many gourd like boxes hung around the hatchery grounds. The martins are great flyers and spend much of their time darting over the hatchery ponds munching on mosquitos.  In addition to the many bird species, we observed turtles swimming in the ponds, a water snake sunning on a bank, and crayfish hiding in the creek. The hatchery is a great place to visit on these hot summer days with shaded areas for a picnic, walking trail, and a cool creek for the kids to explore. Hope to see you soon and if enjoy the hatchery like we do, please consider volunteering and join our friends group family. 


Friends Group June 2021 

Here is our first blog post on our new website @ FriendsWSNFH.org which stands for Friends of the Warm Springs National Fish Hatchery. I hope you will check out the pages here and look for updates and enhancements along the way.  We want this website to be informative and useful in getting our message out on volunteerism, community, and education.  As of today you can use the contact from to get a message directly to one of our members, find a map to the hatchery, and read all about us. We would also like to invite you to join our group, sign up as a hatchery volunteer, or both. 

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