about us

Helping The Hatchery

The Friends of Warm Springs National Fish Hatchery is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization setup to assist the hatchery through volunteerism, community service, and education opportunities for young people. 

Like Friend groups all over the USA we work hand in hand with US Fish and Wildlife service at hatcheries and wildlife refuges to help supplement their services to communities and individuals across this great nation and its territories. 

Our Role

We help the hatchery through volunteerism, community outreach, and education. 


Helping the hatchery takes people. We love our volunteers who assist the hatchery in various projects designed to enhance the hatchery experience. Contact us if you are interested in volunteering


The hatchery and grounds are a great place for kids and adults to play, learn, and enjoy. With walking trail, aquarium, picnic tables, pollinator garden, it is a great place to spend time and enjoy the outdoors.


The Friends group is always looking for opportunities to help the hatchery and provide educational activities for young folks in the area. We are currently working with the Meriwether County school system to develop field trips for schools.